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Growing older, aging parents, wisdom, dementia, losses, mortality, God…all of these come to mind when we consider the later years of life. How do we look at these experiences as Christians? How can we best accept the challenges and blessings that come with aging in the light of our Lord and Savior’s divine Gospel?

In addition to these discussions, we are excited to welcome Jane East from Grand Prairie, TX, who will be leading a Fall Retreat on Saturday, October 21. In this retreat, “Aging Gracefully: Accepting Change and Challenges,” she will draw from her personal experiences and insights and lead a discussion about ways to draw closer to God as we age. Finally, we welcome representatives from Dignity Memorial who will give a presentation on November 8. All are most welcome!

“And even to your old age I am He...and will deliver you” ~ Isaiah 46:4


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1. Dare to Explore

I. Dare to Explore -

2. Aging or Awakening

II. Aging or Awakening? -

3. Gerotranscendence and Theosis

III. Gerotranscendence and Theosis -

4. Encountering God in Old Age (and Dementia)

Encountering God -

6. Gifts from the Elderly

The Gifts from the Elderly -
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