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Religious Education

Religious Education for Adults: The Inner Kingdom

Every Sunday 12:30pm-1:30pm

Church parish hall

We are hosting weekly spirituality classes on Orthodox Christian prayer and meditation. By meditating on the "Jesus Prayer" and discussing the teachings of saints through history, we are aspiring to "commune within your own heart, in your inner chamber, and be still" (Ps. 4:4) and to tune our hearts to God's "Still small voice" (1 Kg. 19:12).

Religious Education for Children: Christ in the Old Testament
Every Sunday 12:30pm-1:30pm

Church parish hall

Lessons and crafts are prepared by Melissa Nikolatsopoulos and taught by Matushka Zoe Kavanaugh and Toni Roohr. This year, they will be learning about Christ in the Old Testament and Creation.

Weekly Bible Studies
Every Saturday 11:00am-12:00pm

Church parish hall

Christian Classics Society
Church parish hall

The C.C.S. is sponsored by St. Benedict Orthodox Church to inspire learning and dialogue between Christians of various denominations. We are a diverse group of men and women who embrace our biblical and classical Christian heritage of literature, philosophy, music and art. Through our classical school co-op, clubs, forums, and lessons for adults and children, we hope to nurture a culture steeped in Jesus Christ.

Skeptics & Seekers Roundtable
Odd Duck Coffee House, Downtown Wichita Falls

Open discussion for Christians, Skeptics, and Seekers asking the big questions about life. Every Monday at 1pm. Guest speakers on all first Saturdays. Learn more here!

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Previous Lessons

To learn more or listen to audio recordings click on the picture beside the class.

Intimacy & Mindfulness:

Encountering God in the Modern Age


Discussions on how to experience intimacy with God in an age of speed, distractions, and isolation. The study is based on the following works: Everywhere Present by Stephen Freeman and Living Into Focus by Arthur Boers.

The Beauty of Our Liturgy


In this series of lectures,  learned about the history of our worship extending to the times of the apostles, the role of beauty in our relationship with God, and the importance of standing before God in awe and wonder.

Confession: Sacrament of Freedom


In this series, we explored what the bible and traditional Christianity have had to say about confession and how a life grounded in this sacrament awakes a deeper relationship with our Lord and God.

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