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Religious Education

Weekly Spiritual Life Class

Every Sunday 12:30pm-1:30pm

We meet every week for Spiritual Life classes, focusing on Orthodox Christian prayer, theology, and the pursuit of Christian culture.

Weekly Bible Immersion Studies

Every Saturday 3:45-4:45pm

Three separate bible studies are offered every week, for our men's group, ladies' group, and youth.

Ongoing Studies and Events

Our community also meets for a wide range of ongoing classes and events, including Sunday School for children, young adult fellowship & discussion, and more! Contact us to learn how you can get involved!

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Previous Lessons

To learn more or listen to audio recordings click on the picture beside the class.

Intimacy & Mindfulness:

Encountering God in the Modern Age


Discussions on how to experience intimacy with God in an age of speed, distractions, and isolation. The study is based on the following works: Everywhere Present by Stephen Freeman and Living Into Focus by Arthur Boers.

Confession: Sacrament of Freedom


In this series, we explored what the bible and traditional Christianity have had to say about confession and how a life grounded in this sacrament awakes a deeper relationship with our Lord and God.

The Beauty of Our Liturgy


In this series of lectures,  learned about the history of our worship extending to the times of the apostles, the role of beauty in our relationship with God, and the importance of standing before God in awe and wonder.

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