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Here are two interesting articles which describe the Reading of Books and our "knowing" God from Fr.Stephen Freeman's blog "Glory to God for all things".

The first post: "
Ten Books of Influence"

The second post: "
Reading Recommendations"

            ~ Note: Epistemology is the study of "How we know what we know".

"Read books, but look for God in the heart and understand just how difficult a thing it is. Strangely, we make more progress in the Kingdom of God by knowing how much we do not know, than by trying to know more than we do."

Articles About Orthodoxy


Here are a few helpful links on the Orthodox Christian Faith:

What is the Orthodox Church?


Article on the Western Rite: Light from the East - Joy from the West 
Scripture and Tradition

Finding the New Testament Church

Do Orthodox Christians place tradition above or equal to Scripture?

Which came first the Church or the New Testament?

What Orthodox Christians Believe A brief overview of basic doctrines

           This series is intended to provide basic, comprehensive information on the faith and the life of the Orthodox Church for the average reader. It covers Doctrine, Worship, Bible/Church History and Spirituality. By Fr. Thomas Hopko.

Questions and Answers about Orthodoxy

           An extensive selection of topics in question and answer format

Books on Knowing (Epistemology)

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