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Christian Classics Society

Book Club

Our Mission is to draw closer to God by pursuing His Goodness, Truth, and Beauty through reading and discussing the works of great Christian thinkers.
We are a diverse group of men and women from various Christian denominations and religious backgrounds, aspiring to learn and grow together.
Our Schedule
Sept. 10
Oct. 8
Nov. 12
Dec. 10
Jan. TBA
Feb. TBA
Mar. TBA
Apr. TBA
The Shepherd of Hermas
Into to the Devout Life
Vanishing Grace
Silas Marner
Miracles #1
Miracles #2
Crazy Holy Grace
Dun Cow
De Sales
P. Yancy
G. Eliot
F. Bruechner
W. Wangerin
Come Join Us!
When?  6:30-8:00pm
Where? St. Benedict Fellowship Hall
3808 Seymour Road
Wichita Falls, TX 76308
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The Pursuit of Goodness, Truth & Beauty!
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