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Classics Society

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to nurture a culture steeped in traditional Christian values, a soul filled with wonder and awe, and a heart aspiring for Truth, Goodness and Beauty.

Our Purpose

The C.C.S. exists to inspire learning and dialogue. We are a diverse group of men and women from various denominations who embrace our biblical and classical Christian heritage of literature, philosophy, music and art. Through our classical school co-op, clubs, forums, and lessons for adults and children, we hope to nurture a culture steeped in Jesus Christ.


We were founded by our president, Fr. Peter Kavanaugh, and his wife, Zoë, in the summer of 2016. Together, they share a love for Christian classics and art, and are dedicated to witnessing the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His desire to permeate our lives with His truth, goodness, and beauty. Prior to his ordination, Fr. Peter Kavanaugh completed undergraduate studies in philosophy, religion, and psychology, and later a Masters in Divinity. He has also spent a year at a monastery on Mt. Olympus, Greece, and worked as a farmhand, fisherman, chaplain, and Harvard research assistant. Dr. Zoe Kavanaugh received a homeschooled classical education, completed over 6 years of speech and neurophysiology research, and earned a Doctorate in Audiology. They and their children, Kevin, Eva, and Ella Rose, are excited to walk together in the Life in Christ.

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