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Covid-19 Safety Measures

Our parish council has created the following Covid-19 Fall Proposal (see attached). Our first objective is to ensure all our kids and families are healthy and to be compliant with local authorities. Our second aim is to be sensitive to the diverse perspectives on Covid-19. We want everyone to be comfortable so that we can share together a fantastic semester.

I know…kids in masks for 5 hours…but isn’t attitude everything? I see this as our chance, together with the kids, to turn a tough situation into an opportunity for fun and creativity.

  • A/B Day Rotation (15 students meet on Mondays; 15 different students meet Wednesdays)


  • Students’ temperature is taken at start of day by infrared thermometer.

  • Students are not allowed to attend class if showing any symptoms of illness of if they have been exposed to anyone with Covid-19 within two weeks of time.

  • Students are expected to wear face masks at all times, to be spaced six-feet apart, and to use hand sanitizer frequently.

  • All rooms contacted by students will be sanitized at the end of each school day.

Thank you for respecting these efforts to ensure safety to our community!

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