St. Benedict

Classical School

Fr. Peter Kavanaugh and Dr. Zoe Kavanaugh

Founders of the Christian Classics Society

Fr. Peter and his wife, Zoe, founded the C.C.S. in the summer of 2016. Together, they share a love for Christian classics and art, and are dedicated to witnessing the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His desire to permeate our lives with His truth, goodness, and beauty. Prior to his ordination, Fr. Peter Kavanaugh completed undergraduate studies in philosophy, religion, and psychology, and later a Masters in Divinity. He has also spent a year at a monastery on Mt. Olympus, Greece, and worked as a farmhand, fisherman, chaplain, and Harvard research assistant. Dr. Zoe Kavanaugh received a homeschooled classical education, completed over 6 years of speech and neurophysiology research, and earned a Doctorate in Audiology. They and their children, Kevin, Eva, and Ella Rose, are excited to walk together in the Life in Christ.

Carol Janecker

Director, Curriculum Developer, Tutor

Carol is the proverbial old maid school teacher! Having taught at all levels from college freshmen to kindergarteners, she frequently runs into former students. Attending Wichita Falls schools, she fondly recalls her own classical education back in the “olden days” when public schools still followed that model. Earning a B.A., M.A., and teaching certification from MSU, Carol experienced a varied work life—teaching, working for a security service, a doctor, a dentist, in retail, and in production. After trying her vocation in an Anglican religious order, she returned home to exercise her passion for the English language and for the education of young people in local public schools for over twenty years. Since childhood, her faith has been central to her life. She believes teaching to be one of her ‘gifts of the spirit’ and also her mission. She is eager to help promote the classical education model and to fulfill the goals of St. Benedict Classical School.

Ken and Toni Roohr

Instructors and Director of St. Benedict Classical School

Ken and Toni are the happy parents and passionate homeschoolers of their three children, Josephine, Magnolia and Rosemary. Toni, the director of our school, has six years experience of homeschooling, incorporating methods from Charlotte Masson and Classical Education. She is joyful, fun and energetic. Ken, our gardening instructor, has several years in horticulture, permaculture and edible landscaping as well as 4 years as an f-15 electrician in the U.S. Air Force. They are excited to watch their children blossom in their love for Christ.

Barbara Kavanaugh

Director of Music and Cellist


Performing & Education Experience
Cellist in many orchestras in Washington, D.C, England, Moscow, and China. Studied with Robert Newkirk, Catholic University of America, B. M. in Cello Performance.Private teaching studio for 40 years

Teaching includes:
- Love and appreciation of great music
- Technique and musicianship
- How to practice at home, including: short- and long-term goals, problem solving skills, time management and priorities, and communication
- How to best use your body to maximize improvement and minimize stress in playing


Saint Benedict Orthodox Church

3808 Seymour Road

Wichita Falls, TX, 76309