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Cultivating a Classical Christian Worldview

One Child & One Family at a Time

​Our mission...

is to nurture a generation committed to living the Christian Faith through prayer, bible study, service,  and community. The goal of our fellowship is to awaken a deep love for God and impart the knowledge necessary to uphold our faith in the secular world around us.

Why We Are Different

We take a holistic and classical approach to learning. During each time of fellowship, the entire family is encouraged to participate in hands-on  learning and practical lessons to bring the richness, beauty, and timeless truth of the biblical church into daily family life. 

- Weekly Sunday School (every Sunday 7pm)

- Songs and StoryTelling

- Crafts & Activities

- Bible Lessons

- Classes in Latin and Greek

- Field Trips

We are an expanding family of eager Christians anticipating God’s plan for our life!


At St. Benedict’s we welcome youth to join us in growing to love Christ and His Church and in pursuing a righteous way of life. During church services, many of our youth sing in the choir and serve at the altar. We also worship through studying Holy Scripture together and keeping each other accountable in encouraging a daily personal prayer life. 


Our weekly Family night meetings are devoted to educating our youth in expressing their faith in order to be true witnesses to Christ.

Please contact Fr. Peter for more information on what's happening in the Youth Ministry and how to get involved.

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