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Private Tutoring

Going the Extra Mile

Meet Your Tutor,  Carol

My desire to teach began when I was in the 1st grade and I always came back to my first love. The English language is my passion—its quirks, its messiness, and its beauty. Joy comes from helping students acquire the skills that will allow them to improve their reading and writing abilities.


Experience and Credentials

•    M. A. in English, Midwestern State University
•    B. A. in English, History, and Psychology, Midwestern State University
•    Certified Teacher at both Elementary and Secondary levels
•    23 years teaching experience (includes teaching Rhetoric and Composition at college freshman level, English at high school level, English/History at jr. high level, 4th grade/3rd grade/2nd grade at elementary level)
•    18 years employed by City View ISD
•    14 years employed by City View Elementary RtI (Response to Intervention)--pull-out reading program for struggling students Kindergarten through 6th grade



“Carol has consistently demonstrated her ability to work with small groups or individual students to improve their areas of weakness." Craig Utley, Principal of City View Elementary

"Your assistance and guidance has not only helped me recognize my weakness in writing and how to improve that weakness. With your help I was able to feel more confident in my writing and I was able to see a significant difference in my grade and writing style.”

Amber Hill, BSN RN, Wichita Falls

"I like her because she is nice and great. I think she makes a good teacher and will be a good leader."

Student at City View Elementary, 2019

Subjects Offered

•    Phonics & Reading practice
•    Grammar/Sentence Diagraming
•    Rhetoric and Composition
•    Vocabulary-High frequency words, sight words, Greek/Latin roots
•    Handwriting (Manuscript & Cursive)
•    Homework assistance


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